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Wellbeing really matters and there are points in all our lives when we require guidance, advice or support. We believe that talking to each other is really important. If you have a question or need some support, your form tutor is a good person to speak to; if they can’t answer your particular question, they will be able to refer you on to someone who can. Your Year Co-Ordinator is another useful person to speak to. In most cases they will be able to support you and if they can’t, they can talk to you about other types of support available, such as Mrs Lloyd-Davies our Pastoral Manager, Miss Egan the school chaplain, the school nurses, the Mental Health Support Team or the School counsellor.

Our Mental Health Working Party consists of students and staff that have identified what support is available to students and has gone on to identify a range of other valuable strategies. One of the strategies identified by students was 5 Minute Catch Up Time which has since been introduced. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Mrs Green or Miss Craddock.

The Trafford Directory is also a very helpful resource as it describes a range of support available to young people in Trafford with information on how to access the support (https://www.trafforddirectory.co.uk)

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