The Government's careers strategy aims to make sure that all young people in secondary education get a programme of advice and guidance that is stable, structured and delivered by individuals with the right skills and experience.

At Loreto we are using the Gatsby Benchmarks to measure the quality of our provision, and with the support of Bridge GM and our Enterprise Advisor we are continuously looking at ways to improve the careers provision in order to ensure that every student at Loreto gets the very best advice and guidance they can. To view these benchmarks, please click on the link below:

Gatsby Benchmarks

A stable careers programme

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 careers forms part of the form time programme of study.

Year 7: In the Form Time Programme, taught by Year 7 Form Tutors,lessons focus on the theme of self-awareness.

Year 8: In the Year 8 Form Time Programme, careers lessons take the theme of gender stereotyping and LMI

Year 9: The year 9 Form Time Programme gives students the opportunity to explore post 14 options and linking careers to curriculum subjects. 

For more details of Key Stage 3 Careers programme, please click the link here.

Key Stage 4

Year 10:  Year 10’s have a series of lessons during the summer term in form time looking at Higher Level Apprenticeships, utilising the school website and other resources to better inform their decision making in the future.

Year 10’s also visit the National Apprenticeship Show at the Bolton Arena in the Autumn term each year. (Due to COVID-19 this is virtual)

Within the summer term Year 10’s get the opportunity to meet with our Connexions Advisor for one to one meetings.  Before this point they are also able to meet with the Connexions Advisor by signing up at Students Services.

All Year 10's take part in a week long self placement work experience placement that takes place in May each year.

Year 11: In the autumn term of Year 11 student will again have the opportunity to explore different career paths through enrichment activities.

All Year 11 students are booked in to have a one to one meeting with our Connexions staff.  They also have the opportunity to request subsequent meetings if they feel they need it.

For more details of Key Stage 4 Careers programme, please click here.

Key Stage 5:

Year 12

Careers and preparation for Higher Education is built in to our Form Time Programme, and Working Onwards Week (WOW!), which takes place in the summer term of Year 12.

Through the Form Time Programme, students have a series of lessons on researching courses and career paths, crafting applications, preparing for interviews as well as life skills such as finance and independent living.

Guest speakers representing universities, professions and apprenticeship schemes are invited to school regularly to talk to students, both through academic departments and through the careers programme. Year 12 students also take the opportunity to have individual meetings with Connexions.

Our Senior Tutor, Dr Schofield, leads the Tutor team in UCAS preparation and organises both WOW and our UCAS Information Evening for students and Parents in February of Year 12. Candidates for Early application have an individual planning meeting in the summer term of Year 12 and an early meeting for parents on UCAS Information Evening.  We also offer an additional talk on Degree/Higher Level Apprenticeships at this time to raise awareness of this growing route into Post-18 education.

Mock interviews are arranged for all Oxbridge candidates in the Autumn Term of Year 13, as well as an interview workshop with Oxbridge tutors. Both these events are organised in partnership with our local grammar schools. Candidates for Medicine take part in mock multiple mini interviews in the Autumn Term of Year 13 with a team of GPs from a local surgery. All Year 13 students invited for interviews for university, apprenticeships or scholarships, have a mock interview with a subject and sixth form specialist in the weeks leading up to their interview.

Working Onwards Week (WOW!) takes place in the Summer Term of Year 12 and gives all Year 12 students the options of visiting two universities for a day of workshops and talks, as well as two full days in school. The in-school programme includes interview workshops, advice on applications and personal statements, student finance and question and answer panels with former students and current teachers.

Year 13

The Year 13 Form Time Programme focuses mostly on preparation for Higher Education and Careers, alongside preparation for independent living, such as budgeting, house sharing and wellness. Guest speakers from Student Finance England are invited to talk to Year 13 students about applications for loans, bursaries and scholarships.

For an overview of Careers Provision at Key Stage 5 click here.

Learning from career and labour market information

In lessons, we use specific careers software programmes and government websites to gather up-to-date information and learn about and explore live job, college and apprenticeship opportunities. We also provide Post 18 events where providers inform parents and students with quality information about future study options. Connexions work with students and parents to complete and track Post 16 and Post 18 applications.

Addressing the needs of each student

Students have different amounts of career guidance at different stages of their time with us. Opportunities for advice and support meets the needs of each student and our careers programme promotes and supports equality and diversity considerations throughout.

Linking curriculum learning to careers

All subject teachers are keen to highlight the relevance of their subjects for future career paths.  We are currently looking at areas of the curriculum that would particularly benefit from employer/employee engagement to ensure that students always see the relevance of what they are learning.

Encounters with employers and employees

At Loreto, we invite employers and employees into school to deliver workshops and talks to our students.

Year 8, 9, and 11 all take part in Careers Enrichment mornings throughout the year, where employers and employees are able to carry out talks and workshops around various different careers and topics.

Year 12 take part in Loreto's Speed Networking Event which takes place in the summer term, and hopes to include up to 100 employers.

Experience of workplaces

At Loreto Year 12 and 13 have the opportunity to organise their own independent work experience.

Work experience for Key Stage 4 is compulsory for all Year 10 Students

Encounters with further and higher education

Our careers programme is designed to ensure that all students understand the full range of learning opportunities that are available to them. This includes both academic and vocational routes and learning in schools, colleges, universities and in the workplace.

In Year 9 Students have an Options Evening where they are able to talk to all subject areas to help make decisions about their options.

Year 11 attend 6th Form Open Evening where they are able to meet with all subject teachers to discuss A-Level choices.  Prior to making choices for A-levels they are also given talks by subject areas during enrichment days to help them make more informed choices.

Year 12 attend UCAS information evening in February where they are given further information about the process.  At this event a representative from the Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network also gives a talk about the opportunities available down the Higher Level/Degree Apprenticeship route.

Personal guidance

This is provided in school by our Connexions staff.

Loreto recognises the value that employers can provide to you people's education and as such welcomes offers of support and involvement from employers across all industries.  Loreto hosts several Careers events throughout the acadmic year where employers training providers and representatives from Further and Higher educaiton are welcome to get involved.  Please contact Ms Baker on if your organisation would like to engage with the CEIAG at Loreto Grammar School. 

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