As there is a clear correlation between excellent attendance and excellent progress, the Governors at Loreto Grammar School have set an attendance target of 97%. This target not only supports students in their learning but also fosters important skills and habits for their life beyond School. Attendance, punctuality and reliability are prioritised by Higher Education Institutions and employers. This remains the same at Key Stage 5. 


  • Holidays must not be taken in term time.   
  • Where possible, medical appointments should be made outside School hours. If this is not possible, the time spent away from School should be limited.  Written confirmation or appointment cards or letters (or copies of) should be handed to the Attendance Officer or emailed to so that the absence can be authorised.  
  • Driving lessons: Year 12- Students who wish to pursue driving lessons during the school day, can arrange them during lunchtime. Where a student has a study period for Period 4, students are permitted to sign out 20 minutes early at 12:20pm for their lunch to undertake their driving lesson and should be back on site no later than 1:35pm in time for PM registration. Year 13 – Students who wish to pursue driving lessons during the school day can arrange them during their afternoon study session where timetabled but must be present for PM registration and must sign back into school after if during period 5.  All students should inform Attendance of their driving lesson schedule to ensure we are aware of their arrangements.  Driving tests can be authorised with proof of Examination. 
  • Job interviews will not be authorised in school time and should be arrange outside of school hours.    
  • When a student is absent, parents/carers must ring the Absence Line (0161 928 3703, Opt 1) on each day of absence and confirm in detail the reason for the absence. If School is not contacted regarding an absence, the student’s parent/carer will be contacted on the first day of the absence.  

The document below includes further details regarding our Attendance Procedures.

Attendance Procedures Y12 - Y13

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