Loreto Sixth form has exceeded our expectations and our daughter was able to choose a combination of subjects which was not available anywhere else to pursue her interests and enthusiasm.

Year 13 Parent 


Loreto Education - 'Vision and Values'

Loreto schools and colleges in England are centred in God, rooted in Christ and animated by the spirit of Mary Ward, the founder of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our vision is that they will be educational communities where each person has the experience of being loved and valued as a sacred individual created by a loving God; communities where students enjoy an enriching and liberating education that helps them grow into the fullness of life and empowers them to be men and women of courage who are alive to the needs of humanity and committed to making a better world.

Our Curriculum

At Loreto we offer a truly broad and balanced curriculum which provides a perfect springboard to university and life beyond Loreto. It consists of four elements: 

The Totality of the Sixth Form Curriculum 

  1. Taught Curriculum 

  1. Additional Learning  

  1. Enrichment 

  1. Extracurricular and Student Leadership. 

Our curriculum offer at Key Stage 5 is extensive, offering 25 different A level courses. The curriculum is supplemented by our varied enrichment programme, which includes EPQ, core maths, yoga, cooking and beginners Spanish. The majority of students study 3 subjects; in exceptional circumstances they may choose to study four. New subjects introduced for study in the sixth form include economics, government and politics, psychology and sociology. Our teachers are passionate about their subject areas and provide students with excellent learning experiences. Study skills are fostered by providing opportunities for students to engage in their learning outside the classroom, by undertaking independent research and by taking part in super-curricular activities. This ensures that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in their post-18 choices.

A stimulating programme called Aletheia runs throughout Year 12 and 13 and all students are required to participate. The lesson is timetabled for three periods over the two weeks. The course gives students the opportunity for spiritual reflection, the chance to examine moral issues and debate. It incorporates time for personal reflection and development of faith. Although there is no external examination, students are required to keep a reflective log in the form of a booklet that will be assessed throughout the year. Key skills developed throughout the programme are desirable for any profession or further education pathways, such as debate, enquiry, service, understanding of beliefs and perspectives and awareness of others. 

Curriculum Maps

Our curriculum maps can be viewed by clicking here: Key Stage 5 - Loreto Grammar School

Subject Video Introductions

You can also view an introduction to each subject from our Heads of Department by clicking here: A level subject introductions - Loreto Grammar School


As Loreto girls, we have been encouraged to approach situations with a curious and open mind and strive to find out new information.

Year 12 Student 


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Posted on: 26/09/2023

Loreto Grammar School achieves Eco-Schools Green Flag with Distinction

Loreto Whale, displayed on our fence next to the tennis courts, made from plastic bottle tops to symbolise the dangers of plastic pollution to marine life. An enormous thank you to our students and staff who have worked very hard to promote eco awareness in our school and undertaken so many eco initiatives allowing us to fly the Eco flag. The Eco Schools board reviewed our application and were pleased to highlight the following:- "Achieving our accreditation demonstrates that you have gone above and beyond to improve your local community and protect our planet, if everyone shared the same passion, determination and dedication we're sure the climate crisis would soon be thing of the past. It is very impressive that you have formed such a large Eco-Committee with fantastic adult member support. It shows that young people in your school are aware of environmental issues and are committed to being active and creating positive change. This knowledge and attitude has provided your school with excellent foundations for the many successes achieved through a whole school approach and the fact that the work of your Eco-Committee is valued and respected amongst staff and pupils alike! We loved reading the quotes provided by members of the Eco-Committee which demonstrate that they are impressive individuals who are passionate about improving their local community and protecting our planet. Your Curriculum Link examples are imaginative, practical and fun, making environmental education accessible and engaging, well done! This is a great way to add context to your Eco-Schools work, it means young people at your school are given the opportunity to learn about important environmental issues and then the chance to work on these issues – a great dual approach. This is a great way to add context to your Eco-Schools work, it means young people at your school are given the opportunity to learn about important environmental issues and then the chance to work on these issues – a great dual approach. It was also wonderful to read you had supplemented your environmental learning with a field trip to the Waste Recycling Plant in Sharston to learn about Waste Management– the day sounded brilliant! We absolutely loved seeing the evidence you provided of your completed sessions and planning, all involved should be incredibly proud of their achievements. You have placed a lot of emphasis on informing as many members of your school community as possible in your Eco- Schools work and this is a strength of your application. You have made significant efforts to involve all pupils and your wider school community, maximising the impacts of your Eco-Schools work and benefitting your local area and our planet. Your greatest successes link clearly to the experience of your pupils. It is great that you were able to greatly improve school-wide efforts with recycling. This is what the best forms of climate action are about – impactful but achievable things that create a positive experience and prompt more action. We love this! Managing and resourcing changes is a common and big challenge to face, especially when actively trying to involve your local community! Your actions have faced this challenge and made brilliant choices to adapt to them. SMART choices and a committed Eco- Committee have overcome any obstacles and you should be proud of your achievements this year. We love your collaborative approach to creating an Eco-Code pledge, this approach has allowed your Eco-Committee to take ownership and create a final code that will be treasured by everyone at your school. Your Eco-Code is a fantastic call to action for all who read it. It’s a great reflection of the ethos your Eco-Committee have created. Overall, this is a terrific application. Everyone at Loreto Grammar School should be proud of the Green Team and the amazing and inspiring work that they’ve delivered this year. You’re more than worthy of your Eco-Schools Green Flag with Distinction. Congratulations!" This award demonstrates our continuing Eco journey as we strive to live out Pope Francis’ message of “Laudate Si” (praise be to you), the Loreto Sisters seven year action plan (2021-2028) on “Care for our Common Home” and our own school response to climate change. We look forward to 2023-24 with hope and commitment.Read More


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