Key Stage 5

Students are offered an extensive range of GCE AS (Advanced Supplementary) and A Level courses, supplemented by the AQA Extended Project Qualification and other Post 16 Courses. Students choose 4 or 5 AS Level Courses for study in Year 12. As well as those previously mentioned, new subjects are Economics, English Language, Government and Politics, Philosophy and Ethics, Psychology, Sociology, Sports Science and Theatre Studies.  Examinations at AS Level are taken at the end of Year 12.  In Year 13, girls choose to continue at least three of their AS subjects to A2 (full Advanced) Level.

A stimulating programme called Aletheia runs throughout Year 12 and 13 and all students are required to participate. The lesson is timetabled for three periods over the two weeks. The course gives students the opportunity for spiritual reflection, the chance to examine moral issues and debate. It incorporates time for personal reflection and development of faith. 

Although there is no external examination, you are required to keep a reflective log in the form of a booklet that will be assessed throughout the year. Key skills developed throughout the programme are desirable for any profession or further education pathways, such as; debate, enquiry, service, understanding of beliefs and perspectives and awareness of others. 

Courses in Life Skills continue and develop during Years 12 and 13, and include certification in the EPQ and AS/A Level General Studies.

Individual curriculum arrangements may be provided for students wanting to study subjects not offered at Loreto.

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