16-19 Bursary

16-19 Bursary

What is the 16-19 Bursary Fund? 

Loreto Grammar School receives funding every academic year to provide financial support to help students in sixth form overcome specific financial barriers to participation they face so that they can remain in education. This statement sets how the fund is used.

Loreto Grammar School comply with the 16 to 19 Bursary Fund Guide updated by the Government every academic year, details for 2023-2024 can be found here - Government 16-19 Bursary Fund Guide 2023-2024

In addition please find the Government guidance to students.

To make a claim please use the 16-19 Bursary 2023 application form here. The deadline for applications is Friday 22nd September 2023. However, if your circumstances change throughout the year please let us know.

Please note we will require evidence of household income from all applicants, examples of what evidence we can accept is below:

  • P60 (for all earners in the household)
  • Self-employed earnings (official tax return)
  • Income Support/Universal Credit award letter
  • Other benefits/pension award letter
  • Full Tax Credit Award Notice (TCAN)
  • Last 3 most recent statements

Additionally, if you are applying for a Vulnerable Bursary we would require one of the following:

  • Letter or email from the local authority
  • A copy of the students IS or UC award notice, if applicable. Note this must be in the student’s name/confirm they are entitled to the benefits in their own right.

If you have any queries please email bursary@loretogrammar.co.uk

  1. Vulnerable Bursary

Students who are in care, care leavers, in direct receipt of Income Support/Universal Credit or in receipt of Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payments in their own right will be eligible to receive an annual bursary of up to £1,200 per year. Loreto will carry out a financial needs assessment to confirm actual financial need and amount of support required – no student will automatically receive £1,200 and there is a possibility of no award or a limited award.

  1. Discretionary Bursary – Level 1

Discretionary bursaries are to help students with the cost of travel (see also details on “ourpass” below), buy essential books, equipment or specialist clothing, attend university open days/interviews, field trips, and other course related costs. Household income and circumstances (e.g. distance to travel and number of dependent children in the household) are used to assess eligibility and in 2022/23 were awarded at different levels to total household income brackets below £20,000, between £20,000 and £30,000, and between £30,000 and £40,000.

  1. Discretionary Bursary – Level 2

Discretionary one-off payments to enable a student to participate in a specific educational enrichment activity approved by the Headteacher.

The following checklist will be used to assess all student applications:-

  • Students meet the age criteria
  • Receiving eligible education provision
  • Student meets the residency criteria for post-16 provision
  • Evidence of income and overall eligibility has been provided and copies retained by school. (Loreto Grammar School collects and processes data in line with data protection legislation –further detail is included in the form.)
  • Block, blanket or flat rate payments are not permitted – the bursary will reflect the actual costs a student has.
  • Support will be awarded in kind (bus pass, lunch allowances or equipment purchased on student’s behalf) wherever possible and receipts must be provided.
  • Students must have their own bank accounts.
  • Financial support is subject to excellent attendance, good behaviour and academic progress.
  • Any false or incorrect information may lead to any future payments being stopped and recovery of overpayments. In extreme circumstances, this might result in a referral to the police with the possibility of the student and/or their family facing prosecution.

Assessment and Payment

It is expected that students will apply before the end of September so that the overall level of demand can be assessed, although in year applications will be considered if financial circumstances change.

Students must apply through the application form and the student is responsible for providing the evidence listed unless the parent/carer wish to provide sensitive information without involving the student. Any evidence not uploaded to the online application form can be sent via email to bursary@loretogrammar.co.uk or sent into school in a sealed envelope marked FAO Ms Gill, Director of Finance.

Students will receive an award letter before the October half term. Funds are limited and will be managed by the school. Year 12 students currently in receipt of bursary funding do not need to reapply for year 13 unless household circumstances have changed since the original application.

All requests for support are done via the above email and are treated confidentially so students should feel no embarrassment about applying.

Any payments awarded will be made termly directly into the student’s bank account.

Travel Costs

Students can apply for “Our Pass” which provides free travel on buses in Greater Manchester for a one-off £10 fee.



Students have the right to appeal a decision.

Students, or their parent/carer, will be required to put any appeal in writing within 21 days of receiving confirmation of an award or a rejection. The letter should set out the reasons for the appeal and be sent to the Headteacher. The appeals panel will consist of the Director of Sixth Form and the Headteacher and their decision will be given within 14 days of receiving the written appeal.

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