Loreto Grammar School Sustainability Pledge

During a special day off timetable to celebrate, reflect and learn from the values of our founder, Mary Ward, a small group of staff and students explored Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si’” (praise be to you), the response of the Loreto Sisters and our own response, as Loreto women of Mary Ward, to sustainability and climate change.

We were inspired in this by both the Mary Ward Family Living Laudato Si’ seven year action plan (2021-2028) on “care for our common home” and a visit in April 2023 by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham and religious leaders from our region, led by Bishop John Arnold of Salford, to meet the Pope and pledge a commitment to tackle climate change.

This is our pledge to the Loreto Sisters who lead our Mary Ward family and the Greater Manchester Climate Change Partnership:-

At Loreto Grammar School, we pledge to consider our actions and carry out more sustainable options that will benefit our community. We will actively take ownership for the environment and help our community become more ecofriendly so we can make sure our environment is not suffering, we will not litter but will look after our home for future generations. We will try our best to help the economy by using and spreading the word about fair trade products, turn off lights when we leave the room and not overuse energy. We will recycle things that we don't need any more, use recycled plastic wherever we can, donate more to charities and help vulnerable people.

We look forward to 2023-24 with renewed hope and commitment.


 “May the cry of the poor and that of the earth move us to greater creativity on how each one of us can respond. We have no other planet” Pauline Macharia IBVM, Rome


In Autumn 2023, we were asked by Sister Kathryn Keigher IBVM, Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) coordinator for England, to make a ten minute presentation on what Loreto Grammar School is doing to take care of the planet. This is the video that was made and which was shared with the worldwide JPIC network and will be used to emphasize the Mary Ward Family commitment with the Laudato Si movement. The video has been published on the Mary WardJPIC YouTube channel

Loreto Grammar School Care for Creation - Mary Ward JPIC YouTube


Loreto Grammar School achieves Eco-Schools Green Flag with Distinction

An enormous thank you to our students and staff who have worked very hard to promote eco awareness in our school and undertaken so many eco initiatives allowing us to fly the Eco flag.

The Eco Schools board reviewed our application and were pleased to highlight the following:-

"Achieving our accreditation demonstrates that you have gone above and beyond to improve your local community and protect our planet, if everyone shared the same passion, determination and dedication we're sure the climate crisis would soon be thing of the past.

It is very impressive that you have formed such a large Eco-Committee with fantastic adult member support. It shows that young people in your school are aware of environmental issues and are committed to being active and creating positive change. This knowledge and attitude has provided your school with excellent foundations for the many successes achieved through a whole school approach and the fact that the work of your Eco-Committee is valued and respected amongst staff and pupils alike!

We loved reading the quotes provided by members of the Eco-Committee which demonstrate that they are impressive individuals who are passionate about improving their local community and protecting our planet.

Your Curriculum Link examples are imaginative, practical and fun, making environmental education accessible and engaging, well done! This is a great way to add context to your Eco-Schools work, it means young people at your school are given the opportunity to learn about important environmental issues and then the chance to work on these issues – a great dual approach. This is a great way to add context to your Eco-Schools work, it means young people at your school are given the opportunity to learn about important environmental issues and then the chance to work on these issues – a great dual approach. It was also wonderful to read you had supplemented your environmental learning with a field trip to the Waste Recycling Plant in Sharston to learn about Waste Management– the day sounded brilliant! We absolutely loved seeing the evidence you provided of your completed sessions and planning, all involved should be incredibly proud of their achievements.

You have placed a lot of emphasis on informing as many members of your school community as possible in your Eco- Schools work and this is a strength of your application. You have made significant efforts to involve all pupils and your wider school community, maximising the impacts of your Eco-Schools work and benefitting your local area and our planet.

Your greatest successes link clearly to the experience of your pupils. It is great that you were able to greatly improve school-wide efforts with recycling. This is what the best forms of climate action are about – impactful but achievable things that create a positive experience and prompt more action. We love this! Managing and resourcing changes is a common and big challenge to face, especially when actively trying to involve your local community! Your actions have faced this challenge and made brilliant choices to adapt to them. SMART choices and a committed Eco- Committee have overcome any obstacles and you should be proud of your achievements this year. We love your collaborative approach to creating an Eco-Code pledge, this approach has allowed your Eco-Committee to take ownership and create a final code that will be treasured by everyone at your school. Your Eco-Code is a fantastic call to action for all who read it. It’s a great reflection of the ethos your Eco-Committee have created.

Overall, this is a terrific application. Everyone at Loreto Grammar School should be proud of the Green Team and the amazing and inspiring work that they’ve delivered this year. You’re more than worthy of your Eco-Schools Green Flag with Distinction. Congratulations!"

This award demonstrates our continuing Eco journey as we strive to live out Pope Francis’ message of “Laudate Si” (praise be to you), the Loreto Sisters seven year action plan (2021-2028) on “Care for our Common Home” and our own school response to climate change. We look forward to 2023-24 with hope and commitment.

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