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To complement the delivery of the National Curriculum at Loreto Grammar School, students are often invited to take part in school trips in order to further develop their understanding of a particular subject area. As stated in our mission statement, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence and preparing each of us to meet with confidence the challenges of a changing world. Educational trips and visits broaden the scope of curriculum delivery beyond the classroom, allowing students exposure to new challenges and worthwhile experiences.

The table below lists the details of forthcoming educational trips. The accompanying letter for each trip can be opened by clicking on the trip name. If you have any further queries, please contact Mrs Green.

We are currently looking into all refund requests but this may take some time. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and we will keep you informed of any progress. 

If your query relates to a trip taking place in academic year 2020/21 please proceed as advised as we are hopeful these will go ahead as planned.

Please find the letter sent regarding trips affected by Covid-19 here.








22 Apr 2020 Year 10 & 12 Art Trip to Pitt Rivers Museum 1 day £18 Cancelled due to Covid-19
13-15 May 2020 Year 12

Ecology Trip

Refund Letter

3 days £235 Cancelled due to Covid-19
June 2020  Year 10 & 12

Spanish Exchange

Letter 1 Letter 2

7 days £350 Cancelled due to Covid-19
5-8 Jun 2020 Year 7

Field Trip to Boulogne

Letter 1  Letter 2 Refund Letter

4 days £415 Cancelled due to Covid-19
12-14 Jun 2020 Year 7   Castlehead       Letter 1  Letter 2 Refund Letter 3 days £224 Cancelled due to Covid-19
22-23 June 2020 Year 7

Geography & History Trip to North Wales

Letter 1  Letter 2 Refund Letter

2 days £65 Cancelled due to Covid-19
6-10 July 2020 Year 9

Geography Trip to Dorset

Letter 1  Letter 2 Refund Letter

5 days £270 Cancelled due to Covid-19
1-8 Jul 2020 Years 9, 10 & 12

German Exchange

Letter 1 Letter 2  Letter 3 Refund Letter

7 days (6-13 Mar) + 7 days (1-8 Jul) £350 UK students to Germany cancelled due to Covid-19
23-31 Oct 2020 Current Year 10 & 12

Geography West Coast USA Trip

Letter 1  Letter 2   Letter 3 Cancellation letter

9 days £1,935 Cancelled due to Covid-19
15-21 Mar & Oct/Nov 2020 (TBC) Year 8 & 9 Erasmus SDiGital 7 days +   7 days £150

UK students to Italy cancelled due to Covid-19.

Exchange programme expected to resume 2020/2021.

Previous Trips 

Please click here to view details of previous trips


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