Voluntary Donations

The success of our school is testament to the partnership between home and school and the ongoing support from parents and carers.

Our school has continued this success during a period of financial constraint despite a reduction in Government funding per pupil. We are grateful for the support, both financial and non-financial, that the school has received from parents and carers and from the LPA (Loreto Parents Association).

The Loreto Grammar School Trust, which receives voluntary donations, is our charity set up to advance the education of students at our school. Your donations have enriched our school enabling many projects including lighting in the main hall, the refurbishment of our reception area (making the school a safer and more welcoming environment) and support towards the remote learning IT infrastructure. The Trust also encourages individual bids from each department and funds are directed towards the highest priority schemes and projects, for example robotics equipment for the Maths department, a smart TV in the library and most recently a fully integrated sound system for the drama studio. These additional projects could not be afforded from our government grant funding alone.

We are sensitive to the pressures on all our families and fully respect that a contribution at this time might not be possible. All donations are entirely voluntary and any gift you feel able to make is greatly appreciated. All students at Loreto are treated equally irrespective of any potential donation or none and all contributions are completely confidential.

The table below shows how relatively small amounts over a period of time can make a significant impact. As we are an exempt charity, we can claim gift aid of up to 25p per £1 donation from a qualifying taxpayer.

Monthly Amount Annual Total Total over 7 years Gift Aid
£10 £120 £840 £210
£20 £240 £1,680 £420
£50 £600 £4,200 £1,050

What shall I do now?

  • If you are able to donate please set up a standing order through your own online banking system. Bank details can be found on the Voluntary donations form, link below.
  • When the standing order is set up please complete our Voluntary Donations & Gift Aid form
  • If applicable, please also complete the gift aid declaration on the form

      One-off payments

  • We welcome one-off payments at any time via cheque. Please make payable to “Loreto Grammar School Trust” and send into school FAO Finance Office.

If you have any questions please contact our Finance Manager, Ms H Gill via the front office or email trust@loretogrammar.co.uk.

We are very aware that not all our families are in a position to donate to the school. If you have any financial difficulties that you think the school should be aware of, please contact Mrs Beever and any such contact will be treated sensitively and confidentially.

Thank you for your support.

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