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Work Experience at Loreto Grammar School Sixth Form

The design of the curriculum, whilst conforming to statutory requirements, is centred on the development of the whole person as a member of the human community.  The curriculum drives aspirations, it takes students to places they did not know they could reach and it is central to our desire to enable our students to meet with confidence the challenges of a changing world.

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It is an expectation that all students at Loreto Grammar School Sixth Form will have some work experience during each of their two-year programme.  As you prepare to start Sixth Form, consider the options below and, if you already have a strong idea about what work experience you would benefit from, use your time over the summer to make enquiries and arrangements.  


Weekly Placements

It is an expectation that all students in Year 12 and Year 13 undertake one period of work experience during the School Year.  The duration of this work experience is flexible, i.e. it does not have to be for a whole term or it can be longer. 

Students can arrange a regular placement in any timetabled slot where they do not have lessons and provided it means they do not miss any lessons (including Aletheia and Tutor Periods).

To do this, they will submit a request form to the Director of Sixth Form with the name and contact details of their supervisor, and the planned timing and travel arrangements.  Parental consent must be given at this stage. Work Experience forms can be collected from the Sixth Form Administrator in Ward building any lunchtime between 12.30 and 1.30pm.

If the request is approved, a letter of introduction will be sent to the supervisor outlining registration procedures and containing a safeguarding checklist.

During the work experience, the supervisor will be contacted to complete a questionnaire and asked for a progress check. An on-site visit may be arranged. Any absences will be referred to the Head of Year and the Attendance Officer.

At the end of the placement, student and supervisors must complete an exit interview form, which the student must then submit to KLOODLE.  Positive comments and feedback from these interviews may be used in her UCAS application and future job references.

Please click here to show a summary of the work experience procedure.

WOW Placement

In Working Onwards Week (WOW!), an additional day will be allocated for students to arrange a day of work experience. Permission for these days will be requested from parents in the WOW letter sent home at Easter and the details of the placements will be recorded.


Recording Work Experience (and other Careers education opportunities) must be done regularly through KLOODLE (our online CIAEG platform).  This includes preparation and reflection on the placement.

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