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Open Day 2023 - for entry into Year 7 in September 2024

Online Registration for the Entrance Examination 2023

You can register your daughter for the Entrance Examination 2023 from 10:00am on Saturday, 1st July 2023. 

To access the registration form, please click here.  NOW CLOSED.

Registration closed at 1:00pm on 31st July 2023. Late applications cannot be accepted.

You will receive postcard confirmation as acknowledgement of your daughter’s registration for the Entrance Examination. This postcard will be sent from Loreto Grammar School AFTER 11th September 2023. This is your daughter’s Registration Card and MUST be brought with her when she attends for the Entrance Examination. Your daughter will sit the Entrance Examination on Friday, 22nd September 2023.

If you have not received the Registration Card by Monday, 18th September 2023, please contact the Admissions Team at Loreto Grammar School. If you attend on the day of the Entrance Examination and your daughter has not been registered, then she will not be allowed to sit our Entrance Examination.

Entrance Examination

Loreto Grammar School's Entrance Examination 2023 will take place on Friday, 22nd September 2023 for entry to Year 7 in September 2024.

Online Registration to the Entrance Examination 2023 will be LIVE from 1st July 2023. NOW CLOSED

Deadline for entry to the Entrance Examination 2023 will be 31st July 2023. LATE APPLICATIONS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.

If your daughter did not sit the Entrance Examination in September 2023, please follow this link for the late Entrance Examination.

Please note if your daughter was unsuccessful in the Entrance Examination 2023 that she took in September 2023, the earliest date she can sit the Entrance Examination again will be in the summer term when she is in Year 7, ie, April 2025. This is called an in year admission.

Baptism Certificates (if applicable):

To view Definitions of a Baptised Roman Catholic, please click here.

Please send your daughter's original Baptism Certificate to:   

Admissions Team, Loreto Grammar School, Dunham Road, Altrincham WA14 4AH

The Baptism Certificate, if applicable, should be sent at the time you register your daughter for the Entrance Examination and NO LATER THAN 31st July 2023. 

Please DO NOT send in your daughter's Baptism Certificate until you  have registered her for the Entrance Examination. This then completes the registration process. 

You should also send a stamped addressed envelope for its return.  Please ensure you use the correct postage on all your correspondence. 

If you are bringing your daughter's Baptism Certificate to School, please note the office is only open between 10:00am and 12noon each day. The School Office will be closed on Monday, 21st August and Tuesday, 22nd August and the following week, Wednesday, 30th August.

Due to the number of Baptism Certificates being received, this process may take up to 2 weeks.  

Familiarisation Materials for the Entrance Examination

Here are some familiarisation materials provided by GL Assessment:

In addition, GL Assessment provide papers which you can purchase:

Verbal reasoning practice papers 

English practice papers

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