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Posted on: 12/07/2018

Junior Debate - July 2018

Loreto Grammar School's young orators were out for the kill in their annual Junior Debating Challenge.

Over the last two months every class in Years 8 and 9 at the leading Altrincham Catholic grammar school has held their own debating competition with elimination rounds at lunch time to determine the most persuasive pundits. Then in front of an audience of 500 of their peers the two teams debated the motion: 'Winners are born, not made.'

The battle of wits, words and wisdom saw proposers Annabel Harper, 13, and Mia Gresty 13, triumph with their arguments based on evolutionary biology.

Given a week to prepare the cogency of their arguments, Annabel, 13, from Bramhall who cites Michelle Obama as her favourite public speaker, said: “I looked at how different body types excel at different sports and how people from different cultures win at certain events.” Her seconder Mia Gresty, 13, from Altrincham, added: “Just look at lion's teeth, that's a natural born winner.”

But opposing the motion, Naomi Wood, 14, from Chorlton, said: “No one wins anything without some help along the way,” while Nadia Nnamdi-orduh, 14, from Hulme, added: “hard work and conditioning makes winners, just look at the pressure that that goes into forming a diamond.”

Annabel, who wants to be a surgeon, and Mia, who wants to be a lawyer won the competition by the narrowest of margins, judged by Loreto's Assistant Head Liz Nash, who said: “We are looking for team-work, arguments that complement each other, the ability to hold the audience and, yes, a little bit of humour too,”

Helen McKay, Loreto's Key Stage 3 English Coordinator, who organised the event, said: “It breeds confidence, encourages articulate, logical debate and prepares the girls for many of the challenges they will face later in life.”

Helen added: “We want to encourage young women to argue their case powerfully and persuasively, to be clear, incisive thinkers with an eye for detail and delivery.”

Debate 3

From Left:

Naomi Wood; Annabel Harper; Mia Gresty; Nadia Nnamdi-orduh

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