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Posted on: 25/06/2018

Geography Teacher, Loreto Grammar School for Girls

Miss Craddock – June 2018

Geography Teacher, Loreto Grammar School for Girls

What made you want to become a school teacher?

Initially A-Level, Geography captured my imagination then during a deeper pursuit into the discipline at university, I realised it was something I was extremely passionate about. Coupled with five years of leadership within the Girl Guiding Association, teaching I thought would enable me to integrate my academic fervour for Geography with my willingness to work with young people. Therefore, the idea of being able to inspire others through my love of Geography, naturally drew me to the teaching profession.

What made you want to teach at Loreto Grammar School for Girls?

As a former pupil of Loreto, I experienced first-hand the academic excellence the school has to offer, yet it was only as I left that I fully realised that I had been a part of something quite unique and special. While Loreto’s academic prowess is well renowned and celebrated, it was its sense of community that really drew me back. Rooted in an Ignatian Pedagogy and inspired by the will of Mary Ward, Loreto has and continues to celebrate the individual, nurturing both intellectually and pastorally. It was this sense of camaraderie bound by Loreto’s strong Catholic ethos and values, that willed me to teach in an environment where the students are encouraged to thrive.

Why did you want to become a Geography teacher? What were the reasons behind your decision?

Geography for me translates as the world around us, and how we as humans interact with it. The subject rationalises this interaction and enables me to gain a more coherent understanding of the world in which we live in. By its very nature, it is all encompassing, and allows young people to make better sense of the world around them, as well as study places and concepts relevant to each individual. Being able to accompany students on such a journey of realisation, as well as equip them with a well-rounded knowledge was inextricably bound to my desire to enter the profession.

How important is it to have a healthy relationship with the fellow teachers in this school?

As in any line of work, the people you are surrounded by are pertinent to your wellbeing. Here at Loreto, the strong sense of community is not just felt among the student body, but permeates throughout the staff too. I am very fortunate to work alongside colleagues that not only offer unconditional support, but also a refreshing spirit, that invigorates my daily practice. These relationships are similarly not bound by subject specialism, allowing the staff as a whole to feel a sense of place and belonging in the wider community that Loreto offers.

Away from school life, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Outside of school I relish leading quite an active lifestyle, enjoying countryside rambles and attending my local fitness club. I also revel in watching sport, with a particular interest in rugby league. Ultimately, I like to share these and other activities with friends and family alike, savouring social occasions where memories are made.


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