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Posted on: 30/10/2015

Manchester Vision

Imaginative young strategic planners from Loreto Grammar School have seen into the future to design the Manchester of ten years from now.
The team of Year 11 pupils from Loreto Grammar School in Altrincham were among 800 young designers who won the National Citizens Service competition sponsored by the Bank of America to celebrate 10 years since their launch in the city. First they won a competition for one of four 'waves' of the city, then triumphing in the final of the top four teams judged by high profile NCS and Bank of America personnel.
The team produced an innovative new logo to represent city development and put together an essay on how they think the city will look in 2025.
Emily Terry, 15, from Sale, said: “We will have a more connected and more efficient transport network, with the new bullet trains making cities right across the U.K. more accessible to Manchester commuters and a cleaner greener city thanks to the extension of the tram network to all points of the compass. I hope we will also see giant turbines in Salford quays producing renewable energy.”
Sandra Habeeb, 16, from Warrington, said: “We will see a return to high rise developments with the urban forest dominating the sky line following the example of London over the last decade. This doesn't mean a return to the buildings of the 1960s, but cleaner, more energy efficient buildings meaning young professionals can enjoy city life.”
Rebecca Parker, 15, from Stockport, added: “I think we will continue to see the preservation of classic old buildings alongside new exciting, energy efficient and eye-catching developments.”
Rebecca Standing, 16, from Cheadle added: “The city has become a sporting icon and I hope the powers that be will build on the success of the football stadia and the Velodrome and aim to attract more cultural diversity with sporting facilities for women and those with disabilities.”
Nia Thomas, 16, from Sale added: “I hope we will attract new people into the city from all over the world with more special areas celebrating ethnic diversity such as China Town, which has become one of the city's jewels.”
Nia, who was key in developing the inspirational logo, featuring one of the city's traditional emblems, the bee, used by one of the city's former breweries, Boddingtons, added: “Most importantly our team realised that Manchester is the up and coming city in the UK, to demonstrate this in our poster we created a circle base representing the ongoing growth of our city further demonstrated by the gradually increasing size and modern architecture of the buildings while maintaining already iconic buildings within the city such as the Trafford Centre and Stretford bingo hall.
“The striking colours on our poster symbolise the diversity within our city which we know as Manchester becomes increasingly globally recognised will continue to expand. This diversity lies within all aspects of our city from music to food to architecture Manchester has it all.
“We have also included the symbol of the Manksie bee in our poster which demonstrates the hard work the generations of Mancunians have put in to building this city both physically and culturally and the work we will continue to do for generations to come.
Finally our slogan Manchester – 'More than just a city' is a key part of our poster that will inspire our generation to continue the work that has been fuelling this beautiful iconic city for hundreds of years.”
The Chief Executive of the Bank of America flew over from New York to present the prizes at a glittering ceremony at The Whitworth Art gallery. 
School photography 28

Pictured from left to right at the back are Rebecca Standing and Sandra Habeeb. At the front are Emily Terry, Rebecca Parker and Nia Thomas. Also in the team were Lucy Mullins and Beth Healey.  

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