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Posted on: 23/10/2015

Physics Olympics

A brilliant quartet of bright sparks from Loreto Grammar has won a bronze medal in the United Kingdom Physics Olympics.
Competing against the cream of young A Level talent in the U.K, with 36 schools nationwide having made the final cut, the young women from Loreto had the near perfect analysis.
The intellectually gruelling day-long competition at Liverpool University saw the four students complete six separate complex challenges examining their practical application of the principles of mass, velocity, mechanics, electronics and engineering, while also sitting an exacting question paper on physics general knowledge, having to answer questions throughout each of the challenges
Loreto Grammar School's Head of Physics Philippa Wynne said: “It's an amazing achievement. To win a medal in a competition featuring some of the country’s very best young minds shows their intelligence, mental agility and strong grasp of fundamental principles.”
Pictured from left to right are Alexandra Gill-Lewis, 17, from Altrincham; Larissa Jeffries, 16, from Sale; Evelyn Davis, 16, from Lymm and Ellen Jackson, 17, from Warrington.
Alexandra said: “I love Physics because it combines an abstract analysis of fundamental principles with highly practical application.” Ellen added: “I enjoy the problem solution and fact that such problems can be applied to important day to day issues in the real world.”
Evelyn added: “I love finding out about how the world works on a microscopic scale and the study of particle physics.” While Larissa added: “I enjoy the practical elements and want to use my work as a basis for a career in mechanical engineering”
Around 35 young women study A Level Physics at the top Altrincham Catholic grammar school, with all girls required to take a Physics qualification in Year 11 and large numbers sitting the GCSE.
Mrs Wynne said: “Physics and mathematics are the toughest of subjects on the curriculum and very much in demand from employers. Physics opens up the study of all the science and engineering subjects and it principles can be universally applied.”

She added: “It has a massive range dealing with the micro scale of the world around us at a particle level and then the macro scale of the understanding of the universe. There is so much more to be discovered and hopefully some of this generation will continue the search.”
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