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Posted on: 05/02/2016

Visit of Baroness Williams

Political activists at Loreto Grammar School told Baroness Williams about their drive to promote community integration when the Government minister met the young women determined to shape the future.
Baroness Williams of Trafford, who was appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government last year, came to the Altrincham Church School with Trafford Councillor Jane Baugh who was able to give a view of political life at local level.
Baroness Williams said: “I went to a Catholic school myself in Newcastle and my daughter was educated at Loreto so I know of the important role this school and other schools like it play in social action and community integration.”
“It is important that schools like Loreto continue to reach out across community to other faiths and to those seeking to integrate into our community to offer their support and love. The development of community projects such as we have seen in action at Loreto is one of my remits in Government.”  
The Baroness was delighted to meet 14-year-old campaigner Caitlin Holt-Naughten, who has set up a political campaign club at the Loreto for younger members of the school community not yet able to study Politics, which is an A Level subject.
Deep thinking Caitlin, from Sale, said: “I want my classmates to have a good understanding of political issues at both national and local level which will stand them in good stead when they come to vote. My primary concerns are gender and racial equality allied to an examination of how terrorism seems to be emanating from a range of groups who masquerade as religious fundamentalists.”
The two politicians also met the head girl team who spoke of their work in a range of community projects and how they are helping migrants to integrate by volunteering at the Revive Centre in Salford and their work with Manchester's homeless at The Cornerstones refuge.
Baroness Williams added: “It is incumbent on Government to provide the conditions so people can rub along together nicely. For example Manchester has a huge and successful Syrian population that has integrated successfully for many years and we must ensure that continues.”

Councillor Baugh said: “I am here to listen to the young people's interests, their concerns, their priorities, their loves and to see what I can do to help. Having attended the Trafford Youth Conference recently I know they are really concerned about the closure of facilities for young people and I want to help redress that problem.”
Loreto Grammar School Headteacher Mrs Beever said: “Our young women are making a difference in the community now and importantly are motivated to make a difference throughout their lives. We are very grateful that our two distinguished guests were able to provide an inside track on life in national and local politics and how decisions are made.”
Pictured behind Baroness Williams who is seated are from left to right are:
Caitlin Holt-Naughten, Councillor Jane Baugh, Morgan Sheridan, Head Girl: Olivia Buckley, Lydia Hyland and Sarah Bailey
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