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Posted on: 30/10/2015

Politics with St Ambrose

Record numbers of students want to study Politics though apathy among young voters is also at all-time high, according to top political professor and pundit Jon Tonge.   The Liverpool University Politics professor was giving a one off lecture to Politics students from both St. Ambrose College and Loreto Grammar School, where interest in the machinations of government has never been more intense.   Jon, who lives in Chorlton and regularly gives his time to talk to local sixth formers, said: “Liverpool University has record numbers of students studying Politics. We took over 100 students this Autumn, whereas normally it would be around 60,”   The Head of Politics at St. Ambrose, David Lindsay, confirmed the trend, “We now have 35 students studying Politics at A Level, which as high as ever before,” while Sarah Millington, Head of Social Sciences at Loreto, added: “Though we have 20 students reading Politics for A Level which is about normal, the general election and the advent of Jeremy Corbyn means politics is more of a talking point around school than ever before.”   Professor Tonge, who has become a regular contributor to regional and national media debates, talked to a packed school theatre at St. Ambrose about the reasons for the general election result.   He said “It came down to two main topics: leadership and the economy. Ed Miliband trailed David Cameron on his leadership ratings for all but one month between his election as leader of the Labour Party in 2010 and 2015; the electorate simply did not trust him. You could say Labour lost the election in 2010.”   He added: “The same is true of both parties' ratings on economic competence. Apart from a brief period in 2012, Labour was always behind. The electorate did not trust Labour to manage the money. The other main issue immigration saw the parties cancel each other out with the running being made by UKIP.”   Professor Tonge added: “The polls were not lying; Labour's problem is that those who said they were going to vote Labour did not turn out at the polls. This was particularly true of the 18 to 24 vote where for the fifth consecutive election fewer voted than not.”   St. Ambrose College Politics student Michael Pearson, 17, who wants to study the subject at university, said: “What really fascinates me about Politics is that someone's idea, just a thought, through Politics can influence the way people live.”
Julia Morton, 16, from Loreto, added: “Politics is powerful because so many people with so many ideas have the freedom, and this is what makes our country so special, to come together have a debate and then produce policies which change the world.”Read More

5 Blog Posts found

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