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Posted on: 21/01/2015


“No better way to introduce children to orchestral music!”   Arriving at the Bridgewater Hall we were all full of anticipation as we knew this wasn’t going to be an ordinary concert. It was a concert performed by Britain’s longest established professional symphony orchestra, the HALLÉ. When we were seated I could feel the sense of excitement ripple through the crowd. As the camera panned through the audience everyone sensed that they were in for a special experience.   Then the members of the orchestra started to trickle out and the audience gradually faded into silence. Moderately the sweet melody of the first piece filled the auditorium and we were all stunned by how all members of the orchestra worked as one to crescendo and ultimately diminuendo. Every piece they played had an intricate backstory and the HALLÉ helped us understand those stories through pictures, narrators and scratch and sniff cards. We were lucky this year as Mrs. Reeves states, “The theme last year was WW2 so the scratch and sniff cards smelt like the trenches! It wasn’t pleasant.” All these elements helped us understand the thoughts that went through the composers head when they were writing the music and as Mrs. Bray said, “There is no better way to introduce children to orchestral music than through the likes of the HALLÉ!”    I asked my form to sum up the HALLÉ orchestra experience we endured in just a few words, here are the words they came up with: “incredible!” “Classical,” “Relaxing,” and “Outstanding!” They also said it was a great example of the positive affect of teamwork as the orchestra had to co-operate to succeed. Personally my favourite part of the whole trip had to be when the audience sang ‘Turn to Shine’ it’s not every day you get the opportunity to sing with an orchestra. But not just any old orchestra, the best orchestra, the HALLÉ! Mrs. Bray commented, “It was a well-chosen programme and it was well introduced!” This was truly an experience year 7 will not be forgetting for a long time.   Written by Amelia Chesworth, 7SRead More

6 Blog Posts found

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